Our beloved Bistro is closed until further notice

To all of our beloved guests,
From the whole family at Pozzi Bistro we would like to thank you for your
patronage in the past two years. We appreciate many of you who have
made a conscious effort to support your local businesses over these trying
times. Special thanks to our regular local customers who have visited us on
a monthly or weekly basis.

The Pozzi Bistro team has endeavored to offer to our customers our
special high-quality cuisine, a relaxing and inviting atmosphere, and most
importantly awesome service. Our crab cakes, steaks, lobster, cobia,
charcuterie, Steve’s onion soup, and Candy’s Lawry chicken have all been
extremely well received and featured in many positive reviews! We have
had a lot of fun along the way and have enjoyed getting to know each and
every one of you. Many thanks to our team who have worked hard, going
above and beyond each day.

Due to the challenges of COVID-19 and the corresponding drop in demand,
which are both circumstances beyond our control, we have made the
decision to close our beloved Bistro until further notice.
We had a great summer and thanks again to everyone who visited us. As
family owners, we have loved everyone we have worked with and everyone we have served.

Steven and Candy Pozzi
Pozzi Bistro

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