Come and experience “La Dolce Vita"

Pozzi Bistro is a new “Old World” style restaurant in the Fernandina historic district on Amelia Island. Listen to Frank Sinatra in the background or watch old movie clips while you relax and enjoy a night out at the Pozzis’. We feature a simple but varied menu of appetizers such as Steve’s onion soup, charcuterie and cheese plates, Caprese Salad, and triple cream baked brie. Our dinner entrees include Maryland-style crab cakes, New England Lobster,Candy’s Lawry chicken, and Nebraska corn fed beef, aged 45 days. Steak offerings include USDA prime RibEye, center barrel cut Filet Mignon, and Flat Iron steak. Pair a wine with your meal with choices from many of the regions of Italy and France.  Top off your evening with and espresso drink or one of our custom made desserts.  

Our goal is to make everyone who dines with us feel like a member of the Pozzi Family. 
Come and experience “La Dolce Vita” as we bring a little bit of “Old World” charm to Amelia Island and Fernandina Beach!


Today, American families are less likely to sit down for an extended period and relax with a glass of wine and “un pasto perfetto” (a perfect meal). It hasn’t always been this way. Most Americans share a legacy that, at some point there was one emigre in the family who came to America for a new life or a fresh start. Those ancestors brought over a rich history and strong moral values that made the family the center of everything. No matter where the pioneer hailed from, the old world values dictated that the family who ate together, stayed together.

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When owners Candy and Steve met 36 years ago, Candy was the first non-Italian to join the Pozzi family. Candy was encouraged to spend a week in Nana’s kitchen learning the family recipes like manicotti, pizzelle, and lasagna. It was not a complex menu but little recipes that were simple to make and fun to eat. The week spent in Nana’s kitchen was one of the Pozzi family’s ways of keeping old world traditions alive and sharing their family values with their newest member.Candy learned these customs and became part of the family, learning the rich history of Steve’s ancestors and his family’s legacy along the way.

Pozzi Bistro serves as a testament to the old world Pozzi values, and that family is the core for “un pasto perfetto”. Our bistro is a way to take a piece of the good life from us and make it part of your family.